Free Crocheted Kippot Patterns

Please consider making a kippot for the local nursing homes and homeless shelters. Many crochet options are presented below. If you find another free pattern that you'd like to add, please contact us.

Crochet pattern by Karla Hailer-Fidelman.
Kippah Designs provides many lovely crochet pattern designs for kippot.
Yarmulka crochet pattern by Sharen from the archive file.
Crochet pattern for a Star of David kippah by Bridget.
Another Star of David crochet pattern from the archive. This one was created by Malca Bayzman.
Another archived crochet pattern.
This crochet pattern was created by Hilary Murphy.
Women's crocheted kippot patterns by Hazel Furst.
This scarf lines makes for a beautiful crocheted women's kippah.
Ruth Wenig provides basic instructions on how to crochet a kippah.
This is a crochet pattern by Erin S. Myers.
Crochet pattern from the web archive by Ruth W.