Free Sewing Chemo Cap Patterns

Please consider making a chemo cap for the local hospitals. See Home for information on what each hospital needs at this time. Many sewn options are presented here. If you find another free pattern that you'd like to add, please contact us.

Creative Kindess Project from Nancy's Notions has several sewn hats and chemo cap patterns.
Three sewn chemo caps created by Jane Logan and Don McGunn. Each project takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
Hancock's Fabrics free easy to make chemo cap patterns for sizes toddler to adult. features chemotherapy turbans in sizes for toddler, teen and adult. Easy to make and fashionable.
Shoshana has donated this pattern for charity and personal use. It makes for a fun, unusual chemo caps.
Do "do rag" pattern is written for adult women but easily converted to adult men. If you don't know what a doo rag is, it's something commonly worn by motorcyclists.